●  Football coaching for students of Std IV to VIII by Great Goals started on 03.07.19. 28 students have enrolled in the programme.

●  Ms Namrin Banu of Std VIII won the second prize in the Kata event in the Indian Invitational Open Karate Championship 2019 held on 28.07.19.

●  Ms Kaaviya priya of Std XII B won the Ist place in 3000 m at the Zonals competition held on 06.08.19 . Ms Mythili of Std IX B won the Ist place in 1500 m and 3rd place in long jump.

●  Ms Fathimathuzohra of Std XII Sci won the 2nd place in chess in the Zonals conducted on 07.08.19.

●  Our school won the Ist place in the Zonals march past.

●  Ms Kaaviya priya of Std XII B won the Ist place in 800 m in the U 19 category and Ms Mythili of Std IX B won the Ist place in 800 m in U 17 category at the Zonals held on 13.08.19.

●  Our U -14 & U – 19 Football teams emerged winners at the Zonal level competitions held on 16.08.19.

●  Our U - 17 Handball team emerged winners at the Zonal level competitions held on 21.08.19.

●  Sports day was held on 26.08.19. Ms Sudha Shah , Former Captain and Coach of Indian Women Cricket Team and National Selector of Cricket, was the chief guest. The house of Sunflowers was the best house in Sports and the House of Violets won the march past.

●  Students of our Karate Club participated in the 1st State Level Invitational Championship – 2019 held at Montfort auditorium on 17.08.19 & 18.08.19. The results were:

  ⋙  Ms Roshan V C                          -  III place in kata
  ⋙  Ms A Lubna Sadiya Taj VIII B    -  I place in Kata and 3rd place in Kumite
  ⋙  Ms Namrin Banu VIII A              -  II place
  ⋙  Ms Aminathul Rifa VII A             -  II place

●  Ms Deepika of Std IX B was selected for SGFI State Handball Competition in U 14 category.

●  5 students participated in the SGFI Football selection on 14.09.2019. Ms Kaaviyapriya was selected in U-19 category, Ms. L.R. Priyadarshini in U – 17 category and Ms. Divya Kirtan in U – 14 category.

●  Our U- 14 & U-19 Football team are the runners – up in the District level football match held on 07.11.2019.

●  M.W.A. football team participated in the football tournament organised by the Neyveli Lignite Corporation on 17.11.2019.

●  M.W.A. School team won the football match conducted by Reliance foundation on 15.10.2019.

●  10 students of our Karate club participated in International Kanzen Koru Goju Ryu Karate championship on 26th January 2020. The results were as follows:

1.  I. Namrin Banu – Kumite – 1st prize
2.  A. Lubna Sadiya Taj – Kumite – 1st prize
3.  M.Safiha Thasnim – Kata – 1st prize
4.  Sadiya Taslim – Kata – 2nd prize
5.  A. Lubna Sadiya Taj – Kata – 2nd prize
6.  S. Sanober Fathima – Kata – 2nd prize
7.  A. R. Samira Nausheen – Kata – 3rd prize
8.  I. Namrin Banu – Kata – 3rd prize
9.  M. Roshan Nilofer – Kata – 3rd prize
10. A. Rida Siddiqah – Kata – 3rd prize
11. S.A. Afreen Fathima – Kata – 3rd prize
12. M. Danish Mirza – Kata – 3rd prize.

●  Students of our Karate club participated in the State Level Open Karate championship held at Wesley School, Royapettah, Chennai on 01.03.2020. The results were as follows.

  ⋙  Ms. Safiha Thasnim (Kata – 3rd prize)
  ⋙  Ms. Samira Nausheen (Kata – 1st prize)
  ⋙  Ms. Danish Mirza (Kata – 3rd prize)
  ⋙  Ms. Rida Siddiqah (Kata – 1st prize)
  ⋙  Ms. Fathima Roohi (Kata – 3rd prize)
  ⋙  Ms. Sumaiya Farhin (Kata – 3rd prize)
  ⋙  Ms. Roshan Nilofer (Kata – 1st prize)
  ⋙  Ms. Namrin Banu (Kata – 3rd prize)
  ⋙  Ms. Sadiya Taslim (Kata – 1st prize & Kumite – 2nd prize)
  ⋙  Ms. Aminathul Rifa (Kata – 2nd prize)