School Director

Dear Reader,

Assalaamu alaikum wa Rahmathulaahi wa Barakaatuhu / Good Wishes!

MWA has been a safe haven for many a student aspiring to acquire intensive coaching and knowledge. With the onus on “Learn & Serve” the team in MWA concentrates on giving the best to the student so that she shines - to leave no stone unturned in serving out the best for the future of the nation.

With student-centric goals all programmes are designed to bring utmost benefit to the student community. Aiming at sculpting students with stellar characters imbued with knowledge, our aspiration is to produce future thinkers, dreamers, inventors and a “people” of quality.

May Allah, swt, grant this institution with its lofty ideals success now and in the future. May He, swt, bless the managements and teams of the past, present and future with abundance here and in the Hereafter. Aameen.

And as for all our students who have been trained in the portals of MWA, may Allah, swt, grant them the very best. Aameen.

Yaseen Rafiq
School Director