"Counselling is an interactive process conjoining the counsellee who needs assistance and the counsellor who is trained and educated to give this assistance".

Our school started counselling for the students in the year 2016 by recruiting a counsellor for the school to address the needs and problems of the students and to guide them at crucial turning points in their lives. The counsellor helps the students to handle all types of problems like being bullied at school, being new to the school, feeling lonely and upset about family problem such as divorce of parents or the death of a loved one, having trouble concentrating on academics, friendship troubles, adolescence issues and so on. If students go through any problems, they go to the school counsellor whom they can trust and share all their feelings and thoughts with. The counsellor will prepare the students in all the aspects such as academic, career and social challenges for success. They make students build their self-confidence and help to explore their life independently.


The school counsellor has individual counselling sessions with the students if they have personal, emotional or social problems. If there is a problem occurring with a group of students, group counselling sessions take place. The counsellor encourages students to talk to their parents or guardians about the concern that they worry about. The counsellor also has sessions with parents if the student has trouble sharing with his/her family and also when there is support necessary from the family.

Thus, counselling is concerned with bringing about a voluntary change in the student. The counsellor facilitates to achieve the desired change or make the suitable choice. The student alone is responsible for the decisions or the choices he/she makes, though the counsellor may assist in the process by providing a warm and understanding relationship. Counselling ensures improvement of students by getting guidance and assistance from the counsellor independently with success, happiness and peace in their life.